The Muscat Mile

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Muscat of Rutherglen Booklet

Experience the Mystery of Muscat of Rutherglen

It’s time to venture to the dark side and discover Muscat of Rutherglen; a secret drink that sits somewhere between a wine and spirit. There is nothing else produced like it anywhere in the world – rich, complex, mysterious and full of flavour.

Rutherglen is the Muscat capital of the world, home to the unique Muscat of Rutherglen wine styles. Take a journey along the region’s Muscat Mile to meet the master blenders – learn and taste the different classifications of Muscat and indulge in some of the region’s richest and rarest stocks straight from the barrel. You can even try your hand at blending your own Muscat and discovering the family secrets behind Australia’s most iconic wine.

Muscat of Rutherglen wines are grouped into a ladder of classifications that mark a progression in richness, complexity, age and intensity of flavour.

The four classifications are: Rutherglen Muscat, Classic Rutherglen Muscat, Grand Rutherglen Muscat, Rare Rutherglen Muscat. The classifications ensure you choose the best Muscat for your occasion, which gives the style its greatest strength – versatility.

This wine style is prestigious and rare, a national treasure that is inherently Australian and exclusive to Rutherglen. So exclusive, that the wine style needs to have been grown and produced here to be called Muscat of Rutherglen.

Browse the list of Muscat of Rutherglen experiences, pick a spot on The Muscat Mile and start uncovering the essence of Australia.

Muscat Mile Experiences

No. 1

All Saints Estate

Seated in the Private Family Cellar at All Saints Estate, enjoy an immersive blindfolded Muscat experience. This rare treasure is unique to the Rutherglen wine region. You will sample Muscat’s covering our four classifications. Rutherglen, Classic, Grand and Rare.

No. 2

Chambers Rosewood

For the lover of Muscat of Rutherglen and its history. A guided tour walking among 100+ year-old casks in the old cellars. Take a photo with their 1888 ‘Coat of Arms’ carved cask.

No. 3

Cofield Wines

Join winemaker, Damien Cofield, to sample three Muscat wines in different stages of maturation, alongside perfectly paired food offerings. See how Muscat can be enjoyed as a pre-dinner aperitif, as a mouth- watering savoury pairing and, of course, as a decadent digestif at the end of a meal.

No. 4

De Bortoli Rutherglen Estate

Visit De Bortoli Rutherglen Estate cellar door and discover how Muscat can be the perfect partner for a variety of cheeses.

No. 5

Jones Winery & Vineyard

Explore how innovative Muscat can be with Jones’ Muscat and food matching set. Tantalise your taste buds with their Classic Muscat and a Muscat cocktail with sweet food matches.

No. 6

Lake Moodemere Estate

Indulge in three courses of sweet and savoury dishes (all house prepared), showcasing their estate-grown produce and matched with Muscat of Rutherglen wines from their single vineyard. Deliciously decadent!

No. 7

Morris of Rutherglen

A sensory exploration of Morris’ Muscats, guided by their expert cellar door team. Learn about what makes this fortified wine so iconic while being surrounded by century-old barrels in their atrium- style building designed by famous architect, Robin Boyd.

No. 8

Pfeiffer Wines

The magic of Muscat is seemingly endless, especially for the Pfeiffer family of Rutherglen. Rutherglen is known for producing arguably the best Muscat in the world thanks to perfect growing conditions and a handful of families who have been its custodians for generations. But behind this complex, luscious wine style is wine stained clothes, hot days working the vines and decades of checking on dusty old barrels.

No. 9


Explore the rich tradition of Rutherglen muscats alongside Rowly’s modern interpretations as you taste a flight of wines, from bottle-conditioned single vintage muscats to classified barrel-aged muscat. Discover the range of occasions and ways to enjoy muscat, from fresh delicate aperitifs to muscat cocktails and luscious dessert wines.

No. 10

Stanton & Killeen Wines

Experience the history of Stanton & Killeen’s 146-year-old Rutherglen winery. Learn how a blending solera works and explore the old barrel rooms where our fortified wine is still being aged and blended today.
Taste the Rutherglen Muscat classification from Rutherglen Muscat through to Rare Muscat.