The Winemakers of Rutherglen recognise that good management of our social, environmental and governance responsibility is integral to our wineries and broader communities’ future growth and prosperity.

We are committed to cultivating meaningful relationships and having a positive impact on people and planet for a better future.

In 2021 Winemakers of Rutherglen secured a National Landcare Smart Farms Grant to initiate a regional sustainability project with Sustainable Winegrowing Australia.

Utilising the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia framework, the project increased the knowledge and skills of our grapegrowers and wineries to facilitate the implementation of best practice sustainable management.

The project enabled our grapegrowers and wineries to evaluate the risks to their business’ sustainability – (environmental, economic and social), identify opportunities for improvement, and develop and implement action plans to address these. And enabled the region to fulfil its custodial responsibilities to the community and the environment.

After participating in the programme our grapegrowers and wineries have the knowledge, skills, resources and tools to implement activities to mitigate environmental risk, enhance their natural capital and business acumen, and commence the cycle of continuous improvement directly on their own properties to the benefit of the broader Rutherglen region.

The Winemakers of Rutherglen are committed to continuing to support our grapegrowers and wineries to become sustainability champions, and in doing so, position our region as a leader in sustainable grape growing and wine production.

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