Topaque of Rutherglen

Topaque is a uniquely Australian fortified wine, and while not as famous as Muscat, Rutherglen Topaque is the apex of this style.

Made from Muscadelle grapes, it’s a rich and complex yet balanced wine that’s traditionally lighter and finer in style than Rutherglen Muscat, with flavours of candied fruit, honey and toffee, and a distinctive cold-tea character.

Topaque was previously known as Tokay, but its name in Australia was changed to avoid confusion with Hungary’s Tokaji wines.

It’s produced in a similar way to Muscat of Rutherglen, with the grapes left on the vine to develop optimal levels of sugar concentration, before being harvested, crushed, fermented, fortified and matured in oak barrels.

Some wineries perform a fermentation on skins, while others ferment the juice alone. Rutherglen Topaque also uses the same classification system as Muscat, with wines classified as Rutherglen Topaque, Classic, Grand or Rare.

Characteristics of Topaque of Rutherglen


Golden through to deep brown-black with olive hues

Typical Aromas

Cold tea leaf, toffee, honey, citrus, quince, candied fruits, butterscotch

Typical Flavours

Toffee, honey, cold tea, malt, walnut


Medium- to full-bodied




Low, with no obvious oak characters




Low to medium


Usually 18%


Drink now


Late March to the end of April

Best Enjoyed

With its rich flavours, complexity and silky palate, Rutherglen Topaque pairs well with a range of dishes. Younger styles are ideal as an aperitif while aged Topaques are a great partner to richer desserts. It can be served on its own at room temperature or over ice, or used in cocktails