Viticulture & Winemaking

The wine producers of Rutherglen have a long history to draw on – tradition and knowledge of the region are highly valued. Innovation is part of that tradition: our grape growers and winemakers have a history of embracing new ideas and experimenting with new approaches and techniques.

Family-run estates

Rutherglen’s wine scene is dominated by families, many of whom have been growing grapes and making wine for generations. Today our region is mainly home to boutique wineries where the owner or winemaker is often on hand to greet visitors at the cellar door.

Heritage and tradition

Our producers embrace the region’s rich history, taking advantage of historic vineyard sites and cellars dating back hundreds of years. Many wineries still use traditional equipment and techniques to produce authentic, high-quality wines and low-intervention techniques such as foot stomping and hand plunging aren’t uncommon.

Alongside these traditional approaches there’s an appetite for innovation, with young winemakers bringing new ideas and continually building upon historical family foundations and the knowledge of past generations.

Generations of master blenders

From its origins in table wine to the rise of fortified styles and experimentation with alternative varieties, ours is a region of diversity. Local winemakers are exposed to a wide variety of wine styles and have experience making everything from elegant sparkling wines to the world’s richest fortifieds. As a result, the region is home to a great deal of winemaking talent.

This includes the region’s master blenders, whose skills and knowledge have been handed down through the generations. To craft some of the world’s best fortified wines, Rutherglen’s winemakers make careful decisions about the blending of parcels picked at different times, wines of different vintages and various barrel-aged wines.

Community & collaboration

Community has defined our region from the beginning. Producers work together to improve the quality of their fruit and wines, overcome challenges and drive the industry forward. Older generations welcome and nurture younger generations, ensuring long-held knowledge is passed on.