Our Story

Nestled in Victoria’s High Country, the Rutherglen wine region is home to a dynamic winemaking community that draws on generations of experience while forging exciting new paths.

It’s one of Australia’s oldest wine regions spanning some 160 years and has helped make Australian wine what it is today. Once home to the largest wine producers in the Southern Hemisphere, today Rutherglen is a region of boutique, family-run estates renowned for our bold wines including world-leading fortified styles.

Like most wine regions, our fortunes have ebbed and flowed as consumer tastes have changed, but our resilient community has adapted, evolving with the times without losing our long-held traditions and strong sense of identity.

Unsurpassed heritage and family roots

The wine industry emerged in the 1850s around the time of the gold rush, and the region is now home to sixth- and seventh-generation producers dedicated to running much-loved, family-owned wineries.

Rutherglen wines contain the spirit and artistry of multiple generations, culminating in wines rich in knowledge, history and flavour. Many wines have been refined for over a hundred years, safeguarded and lovingly tended to, with each producers’ house style reflecting their personality

Tradition of innovation

Rutherglen’s growers and winemakers are unafraid of change, exploring alternative grape varieties, trialing different winemaking techniques and developing new wine styles.

Creative young makers work alongside those with decades of experience to create wines that are versatile, often brave, and deliver a joyful sense of discovery.

Sun & soil

Our unique terroir is a major factor behind Rutherglen’s ability to produce diverse wine styles, from aromatic white wines to full-flavoured reds and some of the world’s richest fortifieds.

The continental climate brings warm, sunny days, cool nights and a long, dry ripening season that produces rich fruit and intensely flavoured wines.

Bold wines & a force in fortifieds

The region is renowned for its unique, diverse wines, with bold, indulgent Durif being distinctive to Rutherglen.

This is also the Muscat capital of Australia, if not the world. Rich and opulent Muscat of Rutherglen is an international treasure, impossible to replicate thanks to the unique combination of climate, soils, old wine stocks and the skills of the region’s master blenders.