Rutherglen Heroes – Mysterious Muscat Pack

As part of launching this years new and innovative winter festival the “Dark Side of Wine” being hosted August 2nd – August 11th the Winemakers of Rutherglen have yet again collaborated to bring you another Regional Wine Pack release.

There’s something startlingly extraordinary about a wine touching your lips that’s been crafted, nurtured and safeguarded by up to six generations of winemakers.

Muscat of Rutherglen; a secret drink that sits somewhere between a wine and spirit. There is nothing else produced like it anywhere in the world–rich, complex, mysterious and full of flavour.
With Rutherglen Muscat undisputedly renowned as the best in the world, who better than the Winemakers of Rutherglen to blow the dust off the bottle and share the magic that is Rutherglen Muscat?

Select 6 Muscat’s from 11 of our wineries and experience Rutherglen this winter.

  • All Saints Estate NV Classic Muscat
  • Andrew Buller Wines, Cannobie Rutherglen Muscat
  • Anderson Winery Classic Muscat
  • Cofield Wines Rutherglen Muscat
  • De Bortoli Rutherglen Estate Classic Muscat
  • John Gehrig Wines Rutherglen Muscat
  • Jones Winery & Vineyard Classic Muscat
  • Morris Wines Classic Muscat
  • Pfeiffer Wines Rutherglen Muscat
  • Scion Muscat Nouveau
  • St. Leonards Vineyard HIP SIP Muscat
  • Stanton & Killeen Classic Muscat

packs will start shipping from August 1st – August 13th (As part of the Dark Side of Wine, Rutherglen Winter Festival) 


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