Rutherglen Rosé – Selectors Pack

Inspired by summer and National Rosé Day the Winemakers of Rutherglen got together to launch a limited time only, Rosé pack series.

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do and in the spirit of creativity, why not curated your own Rosé Selection pack?

Select a Rosé from your chosen 6 wineries , available in this exclusive and limited series release.

All Saints Estate 2023 Rosa
Anderson Winery 2022 Belle
Chambers Rosewood 2022 Rosé
Cofield Wines The Dove Rose’
De Bortoli Rutherglen Estate  2023 Rutherglen Estate Rosé
Jones Winery 2022 Rosé
Lake Moodemere Estate 2023 Rosé
Olive Hills Estate 2022 Lila Rosé
Pfeiffer Wines 2023 Ensemble Rosé
Scion 2023 Rosé
Stanton & Killeen Wines 2022 Rosé
St. Leonard’s Vineyard 2021 Rosé
Warrabilla Wines 2023 Small Batch Grenache Rosé


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