Vintage vibes in Rutherglen!

It’s the time of year we’ve all been waiting for.

When the past year of blood, sweat and tears faces its moment of truth.

When the many months of hard work in the vineyard comes to fruition as the baton is passed from the viticulturists to the winemakers.

When the buzz of tractors and harvesters signals just one thing… vintage 2023 is in full swing across Rutherglen!

It’s a magical time to be in Rutherglen. It’s a real hive of activity. Grapes are being harvested in the vineyard. Pressed into tanks or barrels in the winery. The smell of fermenting grapes fills the air. The days are long, but spirits are high. This is go time!

The quality of fruit across vintage 2023 looks great however the unusual weather conditions throughout the growing season – which was cooler (and wetter!) than average – will see some varieties picked som three or even four weeks later than usual.

The extra moisture is great for healthy thriving vines, but with the lower temperatures, it also means that the vines flowered much later than normal (and a later harvest).

And whereas a ‘normal’ vintage in Rutherglen can be up to 3 months in duration, some winemakers are reporting that ‘everything could come in at once’ – meaning all grape varieties ripen and are needing to be picked at the same time – making vintage potentially a 6-week sprint rather than a month’s long marathon!

If anyone can handle the pressure it’s our hardened, highly experienced and passionate winemakers.

Watch this space for further vintage updates!