Right wine…right glass?

Just how important is a proper wine glass? According to the team at Cofield Wines, ‘people are generally in one of two camps, either very particular about which glass is right, or would happily drink straight out of the bottle if it was socially acceptable!’ But firstly, does it really make a difference? Yes, definitely, […]

Vintage vibes in Rutherglen!

It’s the time of year we’ve all been waiting for. When the past year of blood, sweat and tears faces its moment of truth. When the many months of hard work in the vineyard comes to fruition as the baton is passed from the viticulturists to the winemakers. When the buzz of tractors and harvesters […]

Explore Rutherglen with The Sebel Yarrawonga

The Sebel Yarrawonga is the ideal escape where you can indulge your senses with a restaurant celebrating local regional wine and produce, open-air dining, spa and wellness centre, Black Bull 18-hole Championship golf course, infinity-edge pool and bar with breathtaking views, and a relaxed vibe. And what’s more it’s on the very doorstep Rutherglen where […]

Summer Lovin’ in Rutherglen

For some people, summer means warm temperatures, long days and carefree vibes. But for our vignerons, summer is hard work. After they prune and prepare the vineyards through the winter and spring, winemakers must shepherd grapes to the finish line. They pull leaves and drop fruit, monitor for diseases and pests, and protect against weather […]

Food & Wine Pair like a Pro!

There is very little better in life than good company, great wine and fantastic food, and harmonising these three makes for an unforgettable time no matter the occasion. With summer upon us and entertaining in overdrive, here’s a few tips and tricks to ensure your food and wine pairings always hit the mark. When creating […]

Rutherglen Winners!

The results of the Rutherglen Wine Show and the Australian Fortified Wine Show are in! Our esteemed panel of judges sipped, swirled and sniffed their way through over 1,000 wines from 151 wineries. Quite some tasting! And there were highlights galore for our Rutherglen wineries. From Jen Pfeiffer’s 2021 Rock It Like A Redhead The […]

Spring to it. Rutherglen awakens.

Spring is a magical time in Rutherglen, with the vineyards in particular a hive of activity. For winemakers, spring marks the shift from winter dormancy to reawakening. In the vineyard, the groundwork for harvest is laid and important transitions occur, from de-acclimation, bud burst and flowering, to cover crops, vine replanting and more. As the […]

Wine & Cheese? Yes please!

Wine and cheese. Two simple words that when uttered in the same revered breath tantalise, excite, and send the taste buds into a spin.Like a match made in heaven pairing wine and cheese brings a real sense of occasion to well…any occasion.So, here’s a few pointers to get your taste buds singing. As with pairing […]

Want to Taste Like a Winemaker?

Want to up your tasting game? Wine tasting shouldn’t be daunting or complicated, it should be fun. So, to get you sorted we thought we’d ask a few of our winemakers for their tips, tricks and inside trade secrets. Firstly, opening and pouring wine. A simple task surely? Well, yes, but there are a few […]